The QFT Control Toolbox (QFTCT)

When referring to the toolbox, please refer to it as:

Mario Garcia-Sanz, "The QFT Control Toolbox (QFTCT) for Matlab", (2008-present).

Additional information (QFT control theory and controller design examples) in the books:

Mario Garcia-Sanz, "Robust Control Engineering: Practical QFT Solutions", CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, USA, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-138-03207-1.

Mario Garcia-Sanz and Constantine H. Houpis, "Wind Energy Systems: Control Engineering Design", CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, USA, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-4398-2179-4.

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The Toolbox

The QFT Control Toolbox for MATLAB, or QFTCT, is an interactive object-oriented and user-friendly CAD tool for QFT (Quantitative Feedback Theory) robust control systems design.

Developed by Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz, the toolbox has been tested on industrial projects, space missions and university courses worldwide, including the Public University of Navarra (Spain), Case Western Reserve University (USA) and the European Space Agency ESA-ESTEC (The Netherlands) among others.

A new version is available!!!.

It is compatible with Matlab 2015b and later versions, with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista, and includes new features and improved performance!!

Those interested in the QFT Control Toolbox (QFTCT) for Matlab, please email Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz.

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for free download of:
-- the QFTCT User's manual,
-- QFTCT demo examples, and
-- QFTCT project files of selected cases of the books (1) "Robust Control Engineering: practical QFT solutions" and (2) "Wind Energy Systems: control engineering design".


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