Our Research

Robust Control.
Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT)

New methodologies to design reliable/optimum controllers for real-world plants:

a.- Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) systems,
b.- Nonlinear systems,
c.- Distributed parameter systems (DPS),
d.- Non-minimum phase systems (NMP),
e.- Time-delay systems,
f.- With large model uncertainty,
g.- For very high-performance specifications,
h.- Using low-cost microprocessor implementation,
i.- With high level of fault-tolerance,
j.- QFT toolbox for Matlab [see picture on the left],
k.- etc. Click here to see projects' details

Switching Control Strategies

For very high performance control systems, going beyond the classical linear limitations.

Nonlinear Control Systems

Stability analysis and controller design methodologies for nonlinear MIMO control systems with uncertainty.

Design and Experimentation of Innovative Wind Energy Concepts

With the over 20 years of experience of Prof. Garcia-Sanz on the design, patents, development and field experimentation of comercial multi-megawatt wind turbines with the principal European wind turbine manufacturers, the CESC offers reseach projects on:

a.- Design and experimentation of new wind turbine concepts,
b.- Advanced high-performance wind turbine control,
c.- Cooperative wind farm control,
d.- Offshore floating wind turbines,
e.- Wind energy grid integration and impact on micro-grids, transmission and distribution systems,
f.- Airborne wind energy systems: The EAGLE System,
g.- Large wind turbines under extreme weather conditions,
h.- etc. Click here to see projects' details.

(*) Collaboration with principal European wind energy companies in the design and control of multi-megawatt direct-drive wind turbines over the last two decades [see picture on the left].

Control Systems for
Extremely Large Telescopes and Antennas

Advanced nonlinear robust MIMO control systems for high precision tracking and pointing in large optical and radio telescopes and antennas. Click here to see projects' details

(*) Collaboration with the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT), National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), India [see picture on the left].

(**) Collaboration with Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Green Bank, West Virginia, USA.

An Innovative Approach to Airborne Wind Energy: The EAGLE System

Designed and patented at CESC, the EAGLE System can handle a 2.5 kW, 25 kW or 100 kW aloft generator at varying altitudes, combining a hybrid tethered lighter-than-air and aerodynamic lift based flyer, supporting a counter-rotating wind power generator payload, combined with a nonlinear-robust MIMO control system, with longitudinal and lateral control capabilities. Click here to see project's details

(*) New patent [see picture on the left].

Integrating Engineering Methodologies for
Plant Design and Controllers Systhesis
in Wastewater Treatment Systems

Design of WasteWater treatment plants with activated sludge processes and advanced MIMO control systems for removing harmful pollutants (organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus) from domestic and industrial wastewaters.

(*) Collaboration with CEIT research center and companies in the design and control of large water treatment plants [see picture on the left].

Advanced Control Systems for Spacecraft with Flexible Appendages and/or Flying in Formation

High-performance and robust control strategies to regulate the position and attitude of spacecraft with large flexible appendages and/or flying in formation, including multiple-input-multiple-output description, uncertainty, and demanding scientific objectives.

(*) Collaboration with NASA-JPL and ESA-ESTEC in formation-flying missions and control of spacecraft with flexible appendages [see picture on the left].


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