Lab Wind Turbine Design Competition (EECS-474/374)--

Lab wind turbine design competition in the EECS-474/374 courses
(Prof. Mario Garcia-Sanz)

Based on the theory discussed during the semester our students design an innovative lab-scale wind turbine rotor to minimize as much as possible the "Levelized Cost Of Energy" LCOE (cts $/kWh) of a wind turbine.

The system to be designed is based on the lab-scale wind farm developed by Prof. Garcia-Sanz and his team at the Control and Energy Systems Center at CWRU. A cost function J that measures the experimental performance of the wind turbines clasifies the results achieved in the competition for some extra credits. The design faces significant wind energy problems, such as aerodynamic efficiency, weight, mechanical loads, annual energy production and economic costs of the wind turbine among others.


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